Since this is acupuncture and TCM ... so let's get philosophical about money!

Money, as we know, has no inherent value. It only represents value.

And value is what we create when we do caring, loving, exciting, important, useful ... and sometimes just really cool things for other people.

And to do those things, we have to spend our energy. In fact, money represents the transfer of energy that's happening all around the world from person to person, and between business and customer.

So the phrase, 'value for money' really means that the money you give to someone should represent the value the other person is bringing you.

When someone provides far more value than the money they get in return ... then the world doesn't work.

For example, in your acupuncture practice ...

... you gave up years of income to become an acupuncturist ... and because of that you can have a significant positive effect on peoples lives ... which means you transfer your energy to them in a way that has long term value for them.

And yet if they didn't pay you ...

... in other words, if they didn't give you some valuable energy in return ... then this would see an end to your ability to be an acupuncturist ... and you would no longer be able to transfer your energy to other people.

You see, when someone pays you, that is a representation of the energy they are giving you in return for the energy you gave them.

And if you run out of energy, what do you have left for others?

And it's the same here at Acupuncture Professional.

We provide you with something that has value on many levels ... and in return for the energy we invest in making this happen for you, all we ask for in return in $59.95 per month.

So, in order to keep the world in balance ... to keep us re-energized so that we can continue to bring value right into your life:

  • so that you can learn with our AcuPro Community of Experts
  • so that you can meet your CPD requirements and continue to be in practice
  • so that you and your patients can benefit from new insights and wisdom
  • and all from the convenience of your computer or smart device

High Value Online Learning

For just $59.95 a month!