Most everyone loves a party ... or a good get together at a conference every now and then ... and yet when it comes to learning, keeping up to date, and improving our knowledge and skills, nothing beats the convenience of online learning.

Online, not offline.

Learn anywhere, anytime.

It's the ultimate in flexibility because all you need to put yourself into the 'zone' is a device and an internet connection and within seconds you are connected ... you are plugged into the wisdom of the AcuPro Community of Experts, who we bring to you from all over the world.

Why is convenience such an important value for us here at AcuPro. Why is it part of our culture?

Quite simply, convenience makes life easier for us acupuncturists and the health benefits of this are very important.

  • Did you know that, on average, people are sleeping about 2 hours less PER NIGHT than they did in the 1960's. That's called chronic sleep deprivation.​
  • Did you also know that about 75% of people (in the US) report very high levels of stress? That's a lot of time spent in fight-flight mode.
  • And then there are the staggering statistics about anxiety and depression ...

All this adds to our 'allostatic' load ... and brings us close to overwhelm.

And so that's why we've embraced convenience as a core value. Anything that makes life easier for you as an acupuncturist, means that you've got more in reserve, you're better able to be present, helpful and caring for your patients.

And you are better able to take care of yourself ... because is essential that you lead a life of example to others.

So, if you want highly convenient online learning that makes your CPD just easy, done and complete, then all you have to do is make ONE decision to deal with this for good.

Take part in the convenience of AcuPro today and you wont have to keep making decisions all the time about how you're going to keep up to date and manage your CPD requirements.

And all this decision will cost you is the very small sum of $59.95.

Yes, it's just $49.95 per month to have full access to the IMPACT CPD Program, which includes some of the best modules in our members area, as well as a steady stream of new content delivered straight into your inbox ... wherever you are in the world.

Convenience and peace of mind ... for just $59.95 per month. Yes please.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

For just $59.95 a month!