Just recently, 1,2oo Acupuncturists arrived in small German town of around 11,000 people. That’s a 10% increase in population almost overnight!

(Here’s a glimpse of Rothenburg from Google)

Watch the video to get a more detailed run down of my experience of the conference.

With presentations in 10 different languages, I found there was something of a triangle of Acupuncturists. Obviously there are those from Asian countries, those from English speaking countries, and then there are those from Europe … and perhaps because of natural language and communication barriers, there is a great opportunity for us to further integrate and network together.

Some of the projects and advances in professional organisations I was introduced to were really quite inspiring, and I share some of these with in the video below.

I was also very interested in the absence of technology used by conference attendees. In particular I saw very few smart devices (tablets / iPads). This also represents a great opportunity for us as a profession to increase our usage of new technology with the aim and commitment of advancing the profession.

Not mentioned in the video above, I was able to meet with and interview Alexandros Tilikidis about Greek Acupuncture. This was a fascinating eye-opener for me and I’m sure for many people. Click through to watch the video interview and download the free resources I have arranged for you.