Mary Elizabeth Wakefield is recognised internationally for her outstanding work as a leader, mentor and expert in facial acupuncture.

As a long term friend, supporter and contributor to Acupuncture Professional, ​we were privileged to be able to spend some time with Mary for this live video interview.  The interview is available to all members of our Acupuncture Professional community.  

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In this heart-warming interview, Mary Elizabeth shares her journey from childhood illness and shocking grief as an adolescent, exploring Eastern Medicine to find the answers to explain health and spirituality.

  • Discover the surprising formula she was prescribed by a Master herbalist who identified that her yang personality and nature was the source of illness.
  • Learn the discipline you must implement to avoid burnout – what seems so obvious is often overlooked – ask yourself ‘what do I do to live in accordance with TCM?’

Mary Elizabeth responds candidly when asked about her strategies for success. Her clear and heart-centered responses will resonate with all practitioners, from new graduates to accomplished professionals.

You would think this zany New Yorker would be advocating extroverted marketing strategies – but no!

Her advice for you is just simple, easy and doable.

So take 30 minutes out of your busy day to learn from one of our great Masters, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield.