Something very specific happened at the IMPACT Symposium that I wanted to share with you and hopefully get you involved. We were talking about marketing for acupuncture and public relations, and one of our panel members, Peter Deadman, suggested that:

Peter Deadman

"We all need to put our hands in our pockets and hire a PR company to increase acupuncture awareness … We have a wonderful medicine that has helped hundreds of thousands of people … and we need to let others know about it."

So, we thought about what we could do … and about how we could use our expertise to help with this.

One of our key advisory board members, Dr Nic Lucas, suggested that we launch a podcast. He had recently taken a test drive in the electric car, the "Tesla" and the first feature the car salesman showed him was how the car could stream iTunes podcasts.

I thought this was a great idea and what Nic didn't know was that years ago, before podcasting was 'cool', I had been a podcaster! So, it was decided. We would launch a podcast about Acupuncture for the general public to raise awareness.

But, what about a name?

Dr Nic consulted with a friend of his who just happens to be a world leading brand genius … Glen Campbell. They went out for lunch in Sydney and after they both rejected all the typical, boring names … out popped The Jolt Files.

As soon as I heard the name I was 'IN'. And then the real work began.

I knew I wanted a co-host and so we emailed our good friend and AcuPro contributor, Matthew Bauer from the Acupuncture Now Foundation and asked if he’d join me in co-hosting the first episodes. He was excited by the whole idea, and it took him no time at all to agree.

The First 16 Episodes

​Matthew and I recorded the first 16 episodes in a short period of time. Dr Nic helped us figure out all the software, website, emails, and promotion.

You can see the post we put on our facebook page announcing that the podcast was live.

And we waited ... what would happen? Would people engage with this podcast and download it? Would we even make a blip over on iTunes ... where there are millions of potential viewers?

Well, you can see that we got our answers! We quickly reached the 10,000 download milestone and we've continued to reach thousands of people from around the world with this public outreach project.

And it get's even better.

You see, iTunes has a special category on their charts called 'New & Noteworthy' ... and it's a highly coveted acknowledgment based not just on popularity, but on consistency. You only get around 8 weeks or so to 'shine' in the hope that your podcast might get featured.

Well, not only did we hit number 1 in both the 'Health' and 'Alternative Health' categories, but we were also featured in the New and Noteworthy section of iTunes, which in our view, was a win for the whole profession.

Number 1 in the iTunes Charts!

Featured in the New & Noteworthy Section of iTunes!

Since then, we've dropped out of that category, since we are no longer 'new' ... and yet our numbers continue to increase. So, if you'd love to join this public outreach movement and help keep The Jolt Files alive and relevant, all you need to do is follow the link below and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes ... and download all the episodes.​