Communicating with Confidence How Acupuncture Works

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What You Will Learn:

  • Gain confidence in clearly communicating the mechanism for how acupuncture works to engage in informed discussions with Doctors, Health Professionals and patients
  • Broaden your marketing reach and referral networks by fostering closer relationships based on mutual trust and understanding
  • Familiarise yourself with the latest research - keeping your finger on the pulse so that you take a leadership role in advancing the profession

So If You Want To:

  • Enhance your relationships with patients, Doctors and other Health Professionals by building rapport through clearer communication about how acupuncture works...
  • Clarify the ‘grey areas’ of clinical practice with concrete evidence for the use of acupuncture, winning arguments and advocating for the use of acupuncture more widely...
  • Contribute to the establishment of greater professional recognition by upskilling yourself with a broader understanding of the scientific evidence for acupuncture so that you help the profession to grow and integrate...

… then this course is for you!

On A Personal Note...

  • Feel confident in your practice
  • Understand ways to approach confusion or criticism about acupuncture and how to turn skeptics into allies
  • Enjoy the reward of increased referrals and greater professional recognition

… then this course is for you!

Topics For Course:

  • How does acupuncture work? A review of the basic science literature
  • Comparative effectiveness – how does acupuncture stack up compared to what else is on offer?
  • Efficacy studies – controlling for context by putting acupuncture against a sham
  • Examining the quality of the medical literature as a whole and where acupuncture fits in
  • Anticipating objections and arguing cogently – Using evidence to change hearts and minds

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain familiarity with landmark research within the field of acupuncture and how to locate and share these publications
  • To understand the different types of research evidence for acupuncture and the strengths and weaknesses of each type
  • To understand the most common critiques of acupuncture’s evidence base and how to formulate an informed and articulate response

Course Outline:

Everyday in clinic, we see exceptional results from our acupuncture treatments as our patients experience relief from a wide variety of long-standing issues. However, it can be challenging to explain what we do, how acupuncture works and what the clinical evidence is to our prospective patients and medical colleagues.

In this 3 hours of training delivered over six weeks, Mel Hopper Koppelman will walk you through the acupuncture research landscape – highlighting landmark studies to have in your arsenal, explaining the criticisms of acupuncture’s evidence base and how to anticipate them and cogently respond, and demonstrating a new synthesis of emerging research that supports how acupuncture is able to achieve such amazing results in such a wide variety of conditions.

Mel Hopper Koppelman

Vice President of the Acupuncture Now Foundation, USA


Mel is an Acupuncturist and Nutrition and Functional Medicine practitioner based Rhode Island, USA.

Mel's training and qualifications span two continents having received her BSc from NYU (USA) and her MSc from the Northern College of Acupuncture, York (UK). In 2015 she completed a second Masters in Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the University of Western States.

Mel is the former Executive Vice President of the Acupuncture Now Foundation and has recently taken over the Directorship of Evidenced Based Acupuncture, a world leading authority on acupuncture research.

Mel is leading the way forward by debunking the most common arguments made by skeptics. She dedicates her time to publicly debating acupuncture critics on social media.

In 2016, Mel established a Rapid Response Task force with representation from countries all over the world to pool expertise and resources to better manage responses to acupuncture in the media. It is her international collaborations that make Mel such a great visionary for our profession.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to decode acupuncture's evidence, with Mel Hopper Koppelman.

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