About Acupuncture Professional

Learn more about AcuPro's certified CPD programs and events.

Acupuncture Professional (AcuPro for short) was founded in 2010 to elevate the lives of Acupuncturists around the world.

We do this by forging a strong community of professionals, by sharing our knowledge and experience, and by bringing the best experts and presenters from around the world right to you through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Since starting out, we’ve touched the lives of thousands of acupuncturists, and in return, they’ve touched our lives too. We have students from 104 countries (at last count) and have run hundreds of online webinars and trainings.

The Annual Impact Symposium

In November 2014, we called our first major live event IMPACT.  It was run as a live symposium with world leading guest panelists and 3,956 registrants. To our knowledge, it is still the largest online Acupuncture event ever hosted.

Our presenters were from 5 different countries, including the UK, US, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.  We also received support for this event from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the US, the British Acupuncture Council, and the Journal of Chinese Medicine.

It was a huge success and we are committed to running this event for the profession on an annual basis.

The Impact CPD Program

Our online CPD / PDA program has provided thousands of Acupuncturists from around the world with stimulating learning that enables them to meet their professional development needs.

While we love attending events and meeting people in person, the internet makes it possible to take part in training and presentations from experts that you would never normally get the chance to learn with.

  • It's highly convenient (anywhere, anytime learning)
  • It's cost effective (must more so than live events)
  • Doesn't require you to travel (no travel, accommodation and food expenses
  • And doesn't cost you to be out of your practice (no lost patients)

And, of course, you get to learn and hear from experts in other countries that you would never normally get the chance to learn from!

All our programs (our annual program and single programs) are certified and approved by the NCCAOM and California Board. Members use these certificates for their CPD requirements in many countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Israel, and many countries in Europe.

We’d love to elevate YOUR life and so invite you to join thousands of others and become a member of AcuPro. If you’d like to sample our online learning (webinars), please take a moment to sign up now to receive immediate access to some of our very best free education.

IMPACT Guest Panelists

Giovanni Maciocia
Author and Professor

Peter Deadman
Journal of Chinese Medicine
Author, Manual of Acupuncture 


IMPACT Symposium

Our live online annual IMPACT event runs in September / October. This symposium attracts experts from all over the world.

Our very first event had 3,956 registrants! Make sure you’ve signed up to AcuPro to find out about the next event.


Our IMPACT CPD / PDA program runs continuously throughout the year. With new webinars (online seminars) being released 10 months per year and access to our extensive expert library, you can meet your professional education needs whenever and wherever you are.

The Jolt Files Podcast

The Jolt Files is our public education podcast. It’s our way of using our expertise to give back to the profession and help you promote Acupuncture.

When we launched this, it went to Number 1 in ‘Health’ and ‘Alternative Health’ on iTunes … giving us access to their millions of podcast listeners.

Specialised Programs

We have specialist programs on a variety of topics to suit your needs. From pregnancy and mental health, to professional issues and marketing. AcuPro has you covered.

AcuPro Certifications

Acupuncture Professional is rolling out a range of certifications in different areas of practice.  This is in response to our members desire to develop specialised skills, and the international need of the profession to develop high quality post-graduate education programs that elevate the individual and the profession as a whole.

AcuPro Pain Management Book

Our book, Pain Management Clinical Handbook for Acupuncturists sold thousands of copies when we launched it as a kindle book.

You can purchase this AcuPro classic through Amazon now, or receive it when you become a member of AcuPro.

Join now for access to our FREE CPD modules and give us a test drive.